Staedtler grease pencils (aka dry markers) work great on smooth surfaces, especially for marking on glass and dark surfaces. They are intense and rich in color and feature a soft lead that is water-soluble. The pencils can be easily removed with water from smooth surfaces like metal sheets, lacquered and galvanized metal, rubber, PVC, leather, textiles, lacquered and coated wood, stone, glass, porcelain, and paper. They also work great on dark and transparent surfaces, even if they are dusty. Grease pencils are not as precise as the alcohol pens, but they are much faster and more versatile

Lightfast and will resist fading when exposed to sunlight
Odorless and will never dry up
Will not lead to corrosion
Heat resistant to various degrees of temperature, depending on color. Max 1832 degrees F (1000 degrees C) for black, and 392 degrees F (200 degrees C) for red and blue.
Plot your position on polycarbonate or on laminated maps
Write underwater or in the rain
Erase marks on smooth surfaces quickly and thoroughly
Plan operations with clear overlays
Mark on laminated checklists
Write on windows, Blue Force Tracker displays, and other screens

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