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Nicolas Kokis

St. John's, NL

I was born in Montreal in 1974. I studied fine arts at Dawson College and Concordia University.

20 years ago I had the great luck to meet a Newfoundland girl in Montreal. She and I relocated to the most easterly point in North America. I love it here. I returned to drawing and painting nature, which was a passion of mine as a child. I love painting outside, the ocean, the rugged cliffs and the woods (and all the critters in it).

I balance painting life by making woodcuts that draw their inspiration from movies, literature, myth, music, and radio (a lot of podcasts get listened to during the making of these 100+ hours woodcuts).

Between a day job (artist is fun, starving is not), hiking with my girlfriend and our spirited hound, I have managed to find a wealth of time to devote myself to this labour of love.

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