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Lloyd Pretty

Lloyd Pretty is a self-taught artist born in Chapel Arm Newfoundland and Labrador. At an early age, Lloyd showed artistic promise however art supplies were hard to find and the realities of life forced him to take other jobs to earn a living. His experiences varied from lumbering to seafaring on an oil tanker and during his adventures at sea, Lloyds’ interest in art was reawakened. He visited art galleries in every port of call and took up painting as a hobby.

Lloyds’ love of the Maritimes inspired him to paint rugged coasts and rocky cliffs, wooded interiors and changeable seas that became the backdrop for his narrative and picturesque renditions.

In 1978 when his work was selling steadily, Lloyd decided to make a full time commitment to his craft. Whether his work is painted with oils, acrylic, or watercolor, it depicts the strength of character and rich heritage that Lloyd knows so well.

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