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Dominique Hurley

St. John's NL

Dominique Hurley is an intuitive/visionary artist, educator, and lightworker. Her life purpose is to explore and express her love of beauty and the beauty of love. She does this through her art, teaching, writing, and intuitive services.

Dominique’s energy-based intuitive paintings and photographs are as much about the creative process as they are about the results – reflecting the dance of Spirit within the many layers of Nature and the Self.

She fell in love with the intuitive painting process in the late 80s, never knowing what would evolve until each new layer called to her. Her studio was her sanctuary, her lab, and her sandbox. Intuitive painting taught her about taking risks, acceptance, letting go, and literally going with the flow.

Dominique first combined energy work and painting in 1990, after her first of many energy healing workshops.

Her art often includes mythological archetypes, universal symbolism, personal codes, rocks & crystals. Dominique’s work can be very detailed, yet loosely representative, applied in a meditative state while interpreting further messages accessed through various intuitive channels.

In order to translate her visions onto canvas, Dominique uses professional fluid and high flow acrylic paints and mediums. These allow her to move with the fluidity, speed, and vibration that match the energy she’s working with. She also work in layers – some paintings exceeding 20 layers. With every layer, imagery, meaning, and energy emerge. Hidden layers continue to inform the textural and energetic fabric of the piece.

Dominique’s intuitive services, talks, and workshops are designed to help people connect to their True Self through the intuitive process to live a happy healthy life.

Dominique has a Masters of Education (AB), Certificate of Art & Design (SK), two Certificates of Professional Photography (BC, NY), and a Bachelors in Social Sciences – Honours in Recreology & Concentration in Public Administration (ON). In 2013/14, she spent a year studying at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art (AT) and in Bali (ID) and was artist in residence at the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness (IT). She is also a certified naturopath (ANN).

Born in Ottawa and having lived and worked on 3 continents and 5 provinces across Canada, Dominique currently calls St. John’s her home.

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