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Daniel Anstey

St. John's, NL

Daniel Anstey is a self-taught artist who is heavily inspired by the spirit of life and its driving force.

Loving life and understanding its complexity and its simplicity, is an inspiration for his works.

Danny was born in Twillingate, NL where his love of painting began and moved to St. John’s in his early fifties. He has a diverse background of banking, business, carpentry and nursing which lead to many very interesting pieces of artwork. Every piece of his work will have a story of its creation.

Daniel enjoys the mixing and layering of colors that work towards the finished piece. Believing that Creation is the spirits brush that guide the hands to create, his works become very diverse and interesting.

His works consist of mostly acrylics, with some oil works, charcoals and watercolors.

Pieces of Daniels works can be found all over Newfoundland and throughout Canada, United States, Central America. Australia and Asia. He has been interviewed by NTV news and dubbed the Traveling Artist for his traveling methods of promotion.

Daniel now resides in St. John’s with his partner Joanne. It is here that he creates best, where he is surrounded by the love of their six children and six grand children. He continues to love to create, the many colorful pieces that he hopes will evoke some positive emotion in the people who admire them.

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